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This page has the four nursing DVDs by Christine Jonas-Simpson, followed by two astronomy DVDs by York University Professor Norbert Bartel.

Nursing DVDs
By Christine Jonas-Simpson

Enduring Love: Transforming Loss
Enduring Love Film
Price $34.95     SKU - 12391196

Enduring Love

Nurses Grieve Too: Insights Into Experiences with Perinatal Loss
Price $10.00     SKU - 12391134

Nurses Grieve Too

Why Did Baby Die?
Price $20.00     SKU - 12391189

Why Did Baby Die

Les Infirmieres Ressentent Aussi Le Deuil
French language version of the English DVD - Nurses Grieve Too
Price $10.00     SKU - 12592234

Les Infirmieres

Astronomy DVDs
By Professor Norbert Bartel

Supernova: Death of a Star
Price $19.95     SKU - 10600436

Supernova 200

Testing Einstein's Universe: The Gravity Probe B Mission
Price $19.95     SKU 10602386

Einstein 200


Updated on March 12th, 2014.